Helping Children Who Are Deaf

In this book we offer information, explanations, suggestions, examples, and ideas to help you respond in a flexible and creative way to the needs of the whole child. Every child who is deaf or cannot hear well is unique and will be helped most by approaches and activities that are lovingly adapted to her specific abilities and needs. As much as we can, we try to explain basic principles and give reasons for doing things. After understanding the basic principles behind different activities or exercises, parents can begin to make adaptations. They can make better use of local resources and of the opportunities that exist in their own area. In this book, we define ‘a child who is deaf’ as a child who is unable to hear anything. We use ‘a child who cannot hear well’ to describe a child who has some hearing loss but can hear some sounds (many people call this ‘hard of hearing’). Sometimes, when we refer to both groups together, we use both terms — ‘children who are deaf or cannot hear well’. But sometimes, for simplicity’s sake, we use one term or the other, meaning to include all children with hearing loss.