Where There Is No Dentist

Community health workers, educators and individuals from around the world use Where There Is No Dentist to help people care for their teeth and gums. From preventing and treating common dental problems to making and using low-cost dental equipment, this title covers a variety of essential topics in oral health and hygiene using accessible language and illustrations. Using straightforward language, this illustrated book explains basic preventive care of teeth and gums; describes how to examine patients, diagnose common dental problems, make and use dental equipment, use local anesthetics, place fillings; remove teeth, and more. This edition of Where There Is No Dentist features a new section on how to do Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART), a permanent way to fill cavities without the use of a dental drill that was first pioneered in Tanzania in the mid-80s and is now used by health workers and dental workers in many parts of the world. We have also updated the information on other training materials, resources, and where to get dental supplies.