bac 2013 sujets corrigés anglais lv1 séries L, ES et S 2

Sujets corrigés Bac 2013 Anglais LV1 Séries L, ES et S BACCALAUREAT GENERAL SESSION 2013 ANGLAIS LV1 : série S, ES, L DOCUMENT A line 1-17 A) statement 3 B) He wants to become Prime Minister. So he is determined to get to Oxford University as it is according to him the best courses he could follow to fulfill his dream. " Future Prime Ministers aren't educated at Durham" l. 10 ""How about Cambridge?" ....." No political tradition" l. 11 line 17 to the end C) Simon is in Oxford. He intends to visit all the colleges to see if they have a place for him. He intends to visit six everyday until he is accepted in/ taken. it was tempting to choose "determined" but I think "impatient" was what the text tells you about Simon's state of mind during his conversation with the Don. D) You had to choose only ONE adjective here. It could be CONFUSED : "Simon's words were unusually faltering", l. 32. It could be HESITANT : "just as doubt was beginning to set in and Simon was wondering if after all..."l. 24 E) Yes he does. Quote : "Mrs Kerslake was not surprised when her son went on to be President of the Oxford Union" l. 41. DOCUMENT B F) characters present : Morrie and the narrator . The two characters used to be close friends when they were at university/during their college years. G) the two periods of time : past one and present day.


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