Corrigé bac 2014 - Séries générales (S, ES, L) - LV1 anglais

Correction sujet anglais LV1 série L /ES/S juin 2014 COMPREHENSION de L' ECRIT Document A A Mr Fonseka sat for hours thinking about his books, told stories and read books to the boy/narrator, sang songs and listened to the stories of the narrator and his two friends. This character is a book lover and all his activities are linked to his beloved books. Quotes : l.2 "He knew passages .... he could recite by heart" / l.2/3 "He sat at his desk all day wondering about them" / l. 17 "He 'd sing a song" / l.20 "He made me tell him of our adventures". B -KIND, l.4 "he would welcome me" -CAPTIVATING , l. 20 "he beguiled them as well" -SERENE l.23 "he had a serenity...." -KNOWLEDGEABLE l.17 "he had this wide-ranging knowledge of books" C -statement 3 : l.13 " it was the anonymity of the stories and the poems that went deepest into me" 4 : l. 19 "He had become curious about them and he made them tell him of our adventures". Or l. 7/8 "I'd attempt... had left unfinishes". D WRONG . Two quotes : l.22 "Mr F. would not be a wealthy man." l.22 "it would be a spare life he would be certain to lead as a schoolteacher". DOCUMENT B E They go to the movies together every week. Pembe loves to immerse herself in the stories of the films. Elias uses the film they watch together as an excuse to be close to her and to touch her. Both characters like for different reasons their secret movie session. F Elias focuses more on Pembe than on the film they are watching together.


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