Corrigé Bac 2015 - Anglais LV1 - Techno

Bac 2015 Anglais LV1 Séries Techno Corrigé Bac 2015 Anglais Lv1 Techno Document 1: A. Copy the sentence and fill in the blanks. The scene takes place in a school which is located in Cyangugu in Africa. B. 1) Who is Jean-Patrick? Choose the appropriate answer. Jean-Patrick is… a schoolboy 2) Who is Telesphore? Choose the appropriate answer. Telesphore is…an athlete. 3) The aim of Telephore’s visit is to speak to the students about his accomplishments and current representation of Rwanda as an Olympic runner. C. Answer the following questions. 1) What did the boy imagine about the visitor’s physical appearance? Jean-Patrick had imagined that the Olympic runner would be “a big man” (line 8). 2) What did the visitor really look like? Quote the text. The marathon runner “not much taller than Roger” (line 8) and as “thin as papyrus” (line 67). 3) How does Jean-Patrick feel in the document? Choose the appropriate answer. Jean Patrick feels a- first disappointed, then bored and finally excited. b- first excited, then disappointed and finally inspired. c- first annoyed, then amused and finally disappointed. D. Both statements are right. Justify by quoting the text. 1) Occasionally Telesphore can run without much effort. « Sometimes it is all I can do to go from one footstep to the next » l 23. 24 2) Telesphore is enthusiastic about his sport and proud of his country.


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