Corrigé Bac 2015 - Anglais LV2 - ES-L-S

Bac 2015 Anglais LV2 Série L, S et ES Anglais LV2 Document A A.3. His arrival in the USA 25 years ago. B.They are « ship brothers » because they both immigrated to the USA by boat. C.Gitelson gave the narrator 10 dollars and advice for starting a career. D.In the past, Gitelson was already settled and had a career and money, “ An American dandy”, while the narrator was still finding his way and had no job or money, “in tatters”. E.Today, the narrator is more successful and has more money as a cloakmaker; while Gitelson's business failed and he now worked for a lady's tailor shop, and thus had little money. Document B F.Choose which three adjectives best describe Jack Ballentine. SPORTY – FAMOUS – INTELLECTUAL – SHY – UNSOCIABLE – CLEVER – CARELESS G.Say whether the following statements areTrueorFalse. Justify with a quote. 1.Jack Ballentine came from a working-class family.T « he grew up as a steelworker's son » l. 3 2.He went to university because he was good at maths.a talent for football in« discovered F. high school, won a full scholarship to Michigan State, became the most renowned college quarterback of the mid-sixties » l. 4/5 3.His job was to play football.T « led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories during his high-profile professional career. » l. 5/6 4.He decided to build stadiums.F. « Master Builder (…) imprinted his very own stamp on the Manhattan cityscape. Big buildings. » l. 13-15 H.


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