Corrigé Bac 2015 - Anglais LV1 - ES-L-S

Bac 2015 Anglais LV1 Séries L, S et ES Document A A.1 B1. They are presented like heroes. B2. « those who gave their lives during World War One » l.4 « the sacrifices made by the young men and women » l.9/10 C. The lights in London were switched off. Light was projected from Westminster. At Piccadilly Circus, the lights were replaced by photos from the war. People lit candles and reflected on the sacrifices made during the war. D. False. « The poignant commemoration...were paid across the UK and Europe » l. 17/18 E. The scene takes place during the First World War. The narrator is in the British Army. Together with other soldiers he is leaving England to go to France by boat. F. Yes, there is. l.9/10 « the crossing was roughish...we had to wear life-jackets in case of mines, or maybe submarines. » G. Uncertain. « I wondered how I should ever come back. » l. 5 « and maybe we'd come back in that white ship... or maybe we wouldn't come back » l. 7/8 Candidats qui ne composent pas au titre de LVA traitent question H H. 1. F « I wondered if the others thought of it, but no one said a word except when we'd have a newt brew. » l. 7/8 2. F « The crossing was roughish...had to wear life-jackets in case of mines...submarines» l. 9 3. T « my feet were still on solid earth » l.4/5 Seuls candidats qui composent au titre de LVA traitent question I I. Lines 10 to 14 reveal that the narrator is in a state of confusion and that he does not really understand what is happening.


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