Women’s Digital Centres - 16 tips for running your workshops

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Women’s Digital Centres 16 tips for running your workshops January 2023 Welcome to the Women’s Digital Centres (WDC) support program for facilitators You are about to help a group of unskilled and unemployed women to reintegrate socially and professionally through digital training. Thank you for your commitment. To help you, we have prepared some simple and practical advice with fellow WDC facilitators who have already started digital training sessions for women. You'll see, it's great to work with motivated women who want to learn and succeed. Just follow the guide! 2 Contents 16 tips for running your workshops Preparing for your workshop 1.Get to know the participants 2.Create lively workshops 3.Prepare your training materials 4.Your library 5.Set up the room Being supportive 6. 7. 8. 9. Downplay the difficulties of digital Motivate the participants Give them confidence Make them feel comfortable 10.Be kind Running your workshops 11.Break the ice 12.Diversify activities 13.Encourage experimentation 14.Encourage participants to express themselves 15.Have them rephrase 16.Conclude in a proactive way 3 Preparing for your workshop "I loved the practical guides. Not only did I save a lot of time, but I had a plan of attack ready for each of my workshops. All I had to do was express the ideas in my own words. On certain subjects on which I was less comfortable, it really was a big help.


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