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Fondation Orange (FabLabs Solidaires)

We present to you the Maker course integrated by the Foundation, the objective of which is to enable young people to develop their skills both on machines and also on softskills through the realization of a collective project. This course is an example embellished with different content that can inspire you to build your own course. It was built with the feedback from the many Solidarity FabLabs that we have supported since 2014 and with the convictions held by the Foundation, including those that FabLabs have the DNA that allows both training on machines but also to work on the collective, to raise awareness of responsible digital technology and sustainable development, to develop critical thinking and the ability to be an agent of change. The Maker training course is : • A complete course • A toolkit with both content, educational tools, ... everything you need to set up your courses


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Fondation Orange (FabLabs Solidaires)
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